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  • Content calendars: create a posting schedule of when and where to publish upcoming curated content.

  • Re-branding socials: a consistent visual identity that accurately depicts your business offerings on your social media feed.

  • Curated content: social media graphics, animations, videos, and other social media material for your business.

  • Marketing strategy consultation: discuss ways to increase follower growth (paid and organic advertising) and how to increase follower conversion rates for your business.

  • analytics: identify your business's key performance indicators and strive to meet those social media metric goals.

  • Account creation: create a larger reach with your target customers by creating accounts for social media platforms your business is not currently on (TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

  • Community engagement: taking part in your target market’s community by messaging, commenting, re-sharing, and liking posts. Engaging in your community is the primary way to build a bigger business and gain new customers.

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Social Media


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Logo Design: Expect a sophisticated logo, saved in a variety of formats for your print and online branding needs. 

Branding Kit: During the consultation, we will discuss your business needs and determine whether certain features of your brand need to remain the same, updated, or created.

  • Logo: Update your logo or create a new logo for your business.

  • Colours Scheme:  Identify a colour scheme that accurately represents your business’ theme.

  • Fonts: a business's font is very expressive and is important to carefully choose one that speaks to your users.

  • Social Media Kit: cover photos and display pictures for all of your social media accounts in different dimensions.

  • Brand Graphics, Icons and Patterns: these are additional graphics and icons that create consistency from platform to platform. 

  • Basic Animations: animated logo or icons for your website or video intros.

  • Social Media Templates: templates created for quick turnaround graphics and general posts that are regularly posted but need updated information (e.g. hours of operation posts).

  • Mock Designs: Quick mock design of the homepage of your website, products, signages and more with your new business branding.


Additional SERVICES

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Website Design: Custom website templates that are user-friendly and made so your business can easily update and maintain relevant information on your website. Utilize multiple design philosophies to develop and revise webpages to maximize conversion rate.

PAID SOCIAL MEDIA ADS: Run paid advertisements on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Google. Ad management can be added to any package at a rate of 15% of the paid advertisement budget. 

EMAIL MARKETING: Create automated emails to be sent when a customer makes a purchase; email templates for monthly and weekly newsletters; implement strategies to help your business with better email collection strategies, and increase your open rates. 

Website Design

John-Kurt Pliniussen

Former Professor and Employer

Kassandra is a tenacious, clever, and quality-driven asset to any digital marketing or social media project or team. KG is VERY clever with a top-tier aptitude + a positivity-focused attitude...and nothing ever beats this combination :-) If you get chance to work with Kassandra, or hire her, you won't be disappointed. Guaranteed!!!!!


Mike Krampitz

Previous Client - LifeTouch Photography

In meeting Kassandra I was quickly impressed with the passion and excitement that she brought to our project(s) to develop and deliver a marketing campaign that would double our graduation photography business at Queen’s University. I highly recommend Kassandra. The combination of her individual talent, team leadership, along with the polite professionalism she continues to bring is impressive and inspiring.


Jess Takimoto

Founder, SHINE Strength & Confidence Inc - Former NXT Client  

Kassandra was exceptional to work with! She was thorough, creative, quick to respond and went above and beyond to create not only a new logo for us, but also a renewed vision for the brand. She blew our expectations out of the water and I would recommend her to anyone looking to take their brand or digital marketing to the next level. Thank you Kassandra! 


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